As a business leader and learning professional, my eye is always geared toward exploring insights into learning cultures and models. During my visit to India in 2008, I was the keynote speaker for the Indian Society for Training & Development’s annual conference, which was hosted by Satyam. I was immediately struck by the power of Satyam’s image and infrastructure. The support provided for the conference in the sparkling, high-technology facility in Hyderabad was impressive. Even more affecting was the learning culture that had been created by Ed Cohen and Priscilla Nelson. A few days later, I facilitated an offsite seminar for Satyam professionals on how they could use a “whole brain” approach in designing their teaching and learning. I had the unique opportunity to discover Satyam via this vibrant, growing team of professionals, who demonstrated such passion and dedication to their mission that, at first, I was a bit suspicious. As my time with them unfolded, however, I felt the power of an organizational culture that was designed on the basis of learning and growth—in contrast to so many, who treat learning as a separate function or an add-on. The leadership approach that Ed and Priscilla delineated at this seminar has as one of its core principles the recognition that a learning organization is engendered from within each employee and the infrastructure that is made available to them.

“I read it. I lived it, and I recommend it. Ed and Priscilla have carefully and eloquently captured the essence of the betrayal of a Leader (Ramalinga Raju) to those who not only respected him personally but admired his professional leadership vision.

This book highlights for the reader those attributes and characteristics of “true” leaders – who benefitted from Raju’s vision of “everyone is a leader” and the Satyam School of Leadership’s meteoric rise in recognition (Ed Cohen’s drive) that transcended the misplaced trust and actually provided the corner stone of a firms unparalleled successful survival. ” Hetzel Folden, CSC

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