Nelson Cohen welcomes three new clients

Over the summer we have begun working with three new clients which we are delighted to have the opportunity to assist: Aon Corporation, we are reviewing their complete global learning strategy and providing feedback as well as assisting with their metrics strategy. Temple University School of Dentistry invited us to come in and work with first year dental students to help them expand their cultural awareness. And, Fluid Components brought us in to help them develop their leadership team.  We are implementing our BEST TEAM EVER process with them. We welcome all three to the Nelson Cohen... read more

Learning at the Point of Need from CLO Magazine

For almost a year, I have been writing a blog for CLO Magazine called Your Career.  Here is my most recent post: Learning at the Point of Need.  In the post, I talk about my Cancer treatment journey and how it made me realize that organizations are not providing learning to match symptoms at the point of need.  Read it and let me know what you think.... read more

I have Cancer. Let’s Talk.

by Ed Cohen You find out someone has cancer, how do you speak to them? In April, I had a biopsy to remove a lymph node from my neck.  I had been feeling fatigued for the past three years, something I thought was a direct result of too much travel.  At that time I was commuting to and from India every month.  I would go to work at HCL Technologies in Delhi, India for 4 to 5 weeks then return home to San Diego to work remotely for 4 to 5 weeks. I even wrote a post about it called “5 signs you have Perpetual Jetlag.” Worn down, I left the position and re-joined Nelson Cohen Global Consulting.  Over the next 2 years, chronic fatigue, fevers and other symptoms left me with the ability to only work part-time. I visited the doctor one week after the surgery and he informed that the results had come back abnormal but with no diagnosis.  The same thing had happened in 2012 when I had nodes removed from under my arm.  When I asked “what’s next,” he replied, “We decided to send the tissue sample on to Stanford Medical for further analysis.” A week passed, then two. Finally the doctor called, “We received your results from Stanford.  The diagnosis is Hodgkins Lymphoma. You have a rare form called Nodular lymphocyte-predominant Hodgkin lymphoma. Only 500 people a year are diagnosed with it in the U.S. which is why it was hard to diagnose” Stunned, I had no idea what to say.  After three years of feeling ill, without knowing why, there was finally an answer. It was way too... read more

Leadership Traits hits #1 on

On October 29th, Leadership Traits Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future hit #1 in Business Teams and Business Mentoring & Coaching on AMAZON.COM.   Here’s a video preview of the book…            ... read more

Leadership Traits Global Report releases on

So here’s what we know about you. You are either a leader yourself or you work with leaders and teams every day. The bottom line is, the game of business has changed locally and globally and you need to know WHAT’S CHANGING and WHAT TO DO to ensure your success. In May we published Leadership Traits Insights for Today, Pathway to the Future, a 200+ page full-color book that examines leadership across generations, regions and 13 major countries. Check out the preview video for the book: On October 29th, we are proudly launching the Kindle version, a complete FULL COLOR replica of the print book, for the special price of $1.99 ~ the Kindle version will be priced at $9.99 after this special launch is over. This is a must-have resource and the price is right! We are doing this because we want to share the outcome of this study with as many people as possible.  The leadership landscape is changing.  Those who neglect to pay attention will be left behind. We’ve been hard at work assisting professionals around the world in understanding the similarities and differences in behaviors based upon age and culture. Tony Bingham, President and CEO of ATD, the largest professional association for learning professionals in the world, states, “Nelson and Cohen’s research shows there are important differences related to generations, cultures and regions.” We’re sure that Leadership Traits will help you in leadership development, succession planning, mentoring, career planning, team building, recruitment, sales and just plain getting ahead or doing a great job whatever your role. Please make a note to grab your copy of Leadership Traits to read on your device of choice ~ you can... read more


We have had the pleasure of engaging Nelson Cohen Consulting for many years. They consistently provide valuable and thought provoking leadership development for my team. My management team was intellectually enriched and we saw within a short period, a transformative leadership style emanating from our leaders.

Mukesh Aghi

CEO, Larson & Toubro Infotech

I have always been impressed with their ability to step into any situation or challenge and immediately engage – building relationships, providing leadership and achieving solid results. Pris and Ed are models and mentors who see potential in others that they may not yet see in themselves.
Ann Herrmann

CEO, Herrmann International

I have had the pleasure of working with Pris Nelson for many years. She is a values driven, results oriented coach and consultant who aligns to her clients’ goals, helping them achieve incredible results. Driven professionals who are looking for an internationally seasoned coach and consultant who wants to help her clients succeed will benefit from working with Pris.

Joshua Craver

VP Talent Management, Western Union

Pris coached me through a period of tremendous change and significant personal growth. She is a passionate, high energy leader who truly cares about people, and a phenomenal coach and mentor.
Vivek Ghai

SCP, Indigene Lifesystems Pvt. Ltd.

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