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These sessions are led by Ed Cohen and/or Priscilla Nelson


What they should have told you in Business School
Leadership success comes from solid business, functional, and people acumen. While most concentrate on business and functional, people acumen is actually the most critical. Relationships are the primary determinant of leadership success and longevity. They don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care. This series of sessions examines the critical people skills to build and sustain enduring relationships.


Riding the Tiger: Leading Through Learning in Turbulent Times
When in the midst of the storm, you see the storm, not the wind, not the rain, not nature bending to the forces. It’s only after the storm that you can survey the damage and begin to pick up the pieces. This dynamic session is based on experiences encountered at Satyam Computer Services in India, whose CEO confessed to having cooked the books for more than 8 years. It provides guidelines for leaders to lead in turbulent times (seems like that’s all the time these days). Leaders learn to maximize social networks, lead people, and enhance customer relationships.


Weathering the Storm: Leading Through Learning
Growth, decline, turnover, major wins, major losses, leadership changes, all bring their own level of turbulence to the organizations. The approach that works best in this situation is leading through learning—with well-developed leadership guidelines. It is simple and powerful approach that works. Guidelines are shared to assist leaders with the complicated people and relationship dimensions of the business. These practical tools are are relevant and immediately implementable to help leaders to weather any storm.


Avoiding the Accidental Culture
Every organization develops both a conscious and an accidental culture. Its conscious culture unfolds from the written and spoken goals, values, behaviors, and practices that are taught, measured, and reinforced in the organization. However, think about where you work; are particular behaviors and norms that are not in writing passed on from one generation to the next, from one employee to the next? This accidental culture is revealed with seeming randomness over the course of the organization’s history. Collectively, a conscious culture and an accidental culture permeate every nook of every organization. And in both forms, the organizational culture has the power to positively and negatively influence the actions of leaders and the performance of employees, along with the retention and attraction of employees and customers.


Moving up the Relationship Value Chain
The most oft-repeated buzz phrase we hear today is “moving up or down the ‘value chain’’’ to provide the full spectrum of services. Most companies strive to move up the value chain. Be it growth, revenue, margin, brand enhancement, etc., the solution is perceived to be in climbing up the chain. However, most do not realize that moving up the “relationship chain” is even more important. How do you move up the “relationship chain” shifting from familiarity to trust and strategic collaboration? That is exactly what you get from this highly engaging session.


The Trust Equation
How do leaders build trust? In times like these, there is a breakdown of trust. Once the trust is perceived to be broken, can it be rebuilt? Using observations and insights from senior leaders around the world in recent times, this session provides concrete steps to ensure trust is infused into your organization’s culture.


Leadership Brand Plan
Most organizations need this and few have it. A leadership brand plan identifies the unique attributes of each leader then compiles the results to create an enterprise brand. For example, GE is known more for producing great leaders than for producing great light bulbs. Why is this important? When you go to purchase a light bulb, you are more likely to purchase from the company that produces great leaders than one you know nothing about. Learn components of solid individual and enterprise leadership brand plans and a framework for how to go about building one that differentiates leaders in our global sea of sameness.


High Integrity Leadership
Is it possible to teach integrity? Yes, and it’s time we embark on the journey of doing so. Sharing experiences from around the world on the merits of high integrity leadership, this interactive session provides useful and interesting suggestions for teaching and encouraging integrity as well as tools for detecting deception.


This session is led exclusively by Priscilla Nelson


The Coaching Leader
Leaders today recognize it’s not possible to go it alone, and not feasible to have all the answers. A coaching leader uses inclusive management techniques, including generative questioning techniques to empower their peers and team members to identify plausible solutions for turnaround decision making and in parallel sets the stage for career building partnerships for succession planning.


These sessions are led exclusively by Ed Cohen


Leadership Without Borders: Successful Strategies for Global Leaders
Business leaders in today’s borderless global marketplace face unprecedented challenges and opportunities.. Successful global leaders are those with strategies for guiding and empowering a diversified workforce operating in different countries, cultures, and time zones so that they can maximize the returns from trading in a worldwide market with distinct local needs. Based on Ed Cohen’s book, Leadership Without Borders: Successful Strategies from World Class Leaders published by John Wiley and Sons, this session poses the question: What advice do successful global leaders have for future and current global leaders? This dynamic session provides insights from more than 250 executives who lived and worked in more than 60 countries.


Global Business Acumen
Using research from Ed Cohen’s book, Leadership Without Borders: Successful Strategies from World Class Leaders, published by John Wiley & Sons, and experiences from having conducted business in more than 40 different countries, this session presents eight critical areas of business acumen for leaders who are playing a role in the new global paradigm.

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