Riding the Tiger is about how people react, respond, and courageously lead during turbulent times.  This book gives you a specific, step-by-step approach to this organizational renewal spurred by leadership through learning.

You’ll receive fantastic insights and practical guidelines that can be implemented by leaders in any organization facing turmoil—and these days that includes most of us. The turmoil could be a result of significant change or lack of change; of rapid growth or rapid decline; of a merger, acquisition, or takeover; or of key leaders joining or leaving. It may be more extreme, resulting from a calamity such as a financial scandal or the theft of intellectual property, or an unnatural (terrorist attack) or natural (earthquake, monsoon) disaster affecting any part of the organization.

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CP Gurnani, CEO of Mahindra Satyam says, “While many continue to concentrate on what happened, how it happened, why it happened, and the sensationalism of the crisis, I am delighted that Priscilla and Ed are reaching out to the world through this medium as they present an objective view of what transpired inside the organization and how crisis engineered us even better, where we got far better prepared for the future.”

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According to Mukesh Aghi, CEO of Steria, India — “A smooth sea never makes a good sailor. Turbulence is essential to build character and strengthen resolve. Every organization and individual will have their moments of riding the tiger. Leading with a clear focus and with Integrity is essential to adequately manage these choppy times. Reading this book was enriching, educating, and entertaining.”

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INDIA PUBLISHER:  Cengage Learning

Write to Sunil Agarawal to find out where to buy the book Sunil.Agarwal@cengage.com

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September 3rd:  St. Mary’s College is sponsoring an event at the school and that evening at La Makaan

September 6:  Steria is sponsoring a Panel and Book reading at The Connaught, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

For an invitation about launch events or more information about the book please write to info@nelsoncohen.com


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One Response to “Riding the Tiger launches in India”

  1. Shabbir A Chowdhury September 4, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    Dear Ed,
    I am fascinated by the title and the content of the book. I love to read it. May be we can learn many new insight form it.